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Overcoming your addiction to drugs or alcohol may be the most important undertaking of your life. At Mercy Drug Rehab, we are committed to providing you with every possible advantage in order to help you attain sobriety. Our experienced and caring staff is prepared to help you face your addiction head-on. By considering the details of your individual situation and addiction, we can provide you with the tools you need to overcome your addiction and begin working toward recovery.

We are able to provide a unique addiction recovery treatment plan, that targets your particular needs. Specific variables such as the type of substance and the duration of abuse are integral when considering how to best formulate a treatment plan, and we focus on the individual in order to provide the most effective recovery strategy. Once we have gotten to know the client behind the addiction, we can begin work on eradicating the addiction in earnest.

Individual Care

We work closely with clients to develop an individualized treatment plan in order to best provide the most effective care for your unique circumstances. A personalized treatment plan ensures the unique needs of a client are never overlooked.

Dual Diagnosis

Many of our clients come to our center seeking help with addiction. They are unaware that they may also suffer from co-occurring mental health issues. By providing dual diagnosis treatment, we are able to identify and treat mental health issues.

Therapeutic Support

All of our facilities provide one-on-one therapy, allowing our clients to meet with a counselor privately and discuss their issues. In addition, group therapy sessions provide an invaluable opportunity to build a support network that can endure well past your tenure in our facilities.

Aftercare Services

We understand that your journey doesn’t end when your time with us has passed. That’s why we place an emphasis on ensuring no client leaves our facilities without being fully prepared with a plan for aftercare services, one of the most important elements of a successful recovery.

Luxury Facilities

At our secluded facilities, you’ll be provided with the care you deserve in an idyllic setting that ensures complete confidentiality. Our amenities provide the comfort and safety you need  to overcome your addiction.

Get Help Today

By having a low census, we are able to accept new clients at any time. Our addiction counselors are standing by, ready to help. Our staff will provide the support and care every step of the way to help you achieve sobriety.

Our Services

Detox Services

Mercy Drug Rehab ensures that clients receive 24/7 supervision to ensure safety during the detoxification process.

Dual Diagnosis

For those clients who a co-occurring mental health issue, we provide dual diagnosis treatment to help foster recovery.


In order to guard against relapse, prevention techniques are utilized beyond your tenure at the rehabilitation facility.

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Don’t hesitate! We provide the tools you need to begin working toward recovery. We will be there throughout your journey to sobriety, you just have to take the first step and contact us today to speak to our addiction counselors.

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